About Us


Turtle Wings is committed to making the world a better place by reusing and recycling electronics. The founder, Elizabeth, has had a life long interest in reuse and recycling of all materials, values that remain at the core of our business even as we have expanded into areas such as hard drive disposal and data destruction. She tells the following with a smile.

My parents never threw out anything because they both grew up in pre-war (WWII) households without a lot of money. So, our family saved everything for some future use. We had a special bag for pieces of string that we saved. In our house, even Santa reused and recycled. My sister and I had to carefully unwrap our Christmas gifts, without tearing the paper, so Santa could reuse the same wrapping paper year after year.”

“I remember going to a friend’s house when I was about 10 and seeing her mother use a brand new piece of shiny, unwrinkled tinfoil. I was amazed. I couldn’t wait to go home and tell my mother that it was possible to buy new tinfoil and that everything didn’t have to taste slightly like last year’s turkey! Needless to say, my mother was not amused. Anyway, old habits die hard and reuse and recycling became part of who I am. To this day, I rarely throw out something that can be reused.”

“In 2002, when I was finally ready to replace my old home computer from the early 1990′s, I looked for the most globally beneficial way to get rid of it. I called several charities and schools who clearly were not interested in my obsolete equipment. I also contacted several hauling companies but they told me they were just going to take it to the local landfill. Though that is legal in the State of Maryland, it wasn’t something that I felt comfortable doing. Just because you can throw something out, doesn’t mean you should. At that moment, my idea for a national company which would dispose of electronics in a globally responsible manner was born.”