Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Security

Data security has become one of the highest priorities for business owners throughout the country in recent years.   With technology needs and requirements quickly evolving, many companies find it difficult to dispose of large quantities of old servers, PCs, laptops and outdated data center equipment.  Turtle Wings is an R2 and ISO certified company engaged in recycling electronics with our landfill-free initiative and commitment to protecting the environment.  As a certified electronics recycler, we specialize in pick-up and recycling of large quantities of equipment from large corporations and government agencies across the US.  It is important that they select a recycler like Turtle Wings that can completely handle their data security to ensure that their information is not compromised.  Our data destruction services ensure that all personal, confidential, sensitive and classified information is completely destroyed prior to recycling the equipment.  Turtle Wings commitment to data security by destroying data is a key component to recycling end-of-life electronics.

There are a variety of different programs and applications that claim to destroy data on hard drives.  Simply deleting files will not remove them from the device. Although do it yourself data obliteration and software tools provide a quick fix, these tools often subject businesses to increased risk and error.  In order to completely destroy data on hard drives and media, Turtle Wings offers certified shredding and physical destruction to ensure that the data is unrecoverable.  Our data destruction services are secure, certified and compliant with all regulations which help companies avoid paying costly fines.  The only sure way to destroy data is by trusting it to Turtle Wings.  We physically destroy the hard drive and media utilizing NSA approved degaussers, patent protected shredders, disintegrators and hard drive crushers.   Protecting our customer’s data security is a huge responsibility that Turtle Wings has been successful in achieving over the last ten years.