Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Destruction of Classified Material

Destruction of Classified Material

Destruction of Classified Material – On the anniversary of the attacks on this nation on September 11th, we at Turtle Wings / Data Killers hold all the affected families in our hearts and prayers.  We are thankful that we live in the United States of America where brave people choose to be first responders and serve in the military.

On-site classified media destruction means that the media is fully destroyed per NSA specifications before our team of trained data technicians leaves your company location. This is especially important if your material is stored in a SCIF.  Our fully self-contained trucks will pull to your loading dock.  All destruction can be done under the supervision of cleared personnel from your facility.  The trucks can be locked down during destruction with your personnel on-board to ensure that the media never leaves a classified environment until it is fully and irretrievably destroyed per government specifications.

We are saddened by the death of so many innocents that day, 11 years ago and feel for their families who have struggled since then.  We feel your sadness and burden.

We are proud, however, of the small part that we do to keep this world safe.  We provide on-site destruction of classified materials nationwide so our secrets do not fall into enemy hands.   Every time we perform a hard drive shredding project, we breathe a little easier knowing that more information can never be stolen or obtained.

We salute the heroes of September 11th and mourn the fallen.