Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Go Green

With e-waste increasing over the years, many businesses are looking for ways in which they can go green. The good news is there are simple changes that can be made which can greatly reduce this growing epidemic.  One of the easiest ways to “go green” is recycling electronics with a certified recycler like Turtle Wings.  When we talk about recycling household and work place things, we tend to ignore or are less aware of how to deal with the electrical and electronic waste (sometimes called e-waste). In just a very short period of time, proper e-waste disposal has become a very important part of protecting the environment.  Many people don’t realize that all of the electronics they use like computers, monitors and cell phones contain hazardous chemicals that can be dangerous for our environment.  E-waste is valuable as a source of secondary raw material but also toxic if disposed of improperly.

Turtle Wings helps both business and residential customers do their part to make sure e-waste is put in its proper place, recycled or reused.  While technology and electronics make life easier and sometimes more enjoyable, once you are finished with them, it’s best to be responsible when disposing of e-waste. In addition to “greening” a business, recycling electronics with Turtle Wings helps to preserve and protect our environment.  As an R2 and ISO certified company, our vision and pledge includes a no landfill policy, complete downstream accountability and ensuring that electronics recycling and data destruction services are available for large corporations down to residential pick-ups and drop-offs.

Turtle Wings is a full scale electronics recycler committed to the environment while helping businesses and households to “go green.”  We accept and recycle anything metal or electronic in full compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.  (See our list of Acceptable Items).  At Turtle Wings, our year round focus is on creating green communities by offering certified and compliant electronics recycling services as well as staying informed of the statistics and facts relevant to the electronics recycling industry.