Author Elizabeth Wilmot

How we came up with the name Turtle Wings

Many of our customers, both new and repeat, often ask how we came up with the name Turtle Wings. We have even had customer’s to offer their ideas on where the name came from and the type of business we do based on our name. For instance, one caller thought we were a restaurant and asked our sales representative “what type of wings we sale”. Another caller offered the following opinion: “Our wings and food is slow cooked like a turtle moves slow.” One of our customer’s even thought Turtle Wings stood for a non-profit that specialized in saving endangered turtles by recycling electronics.

Although we enjoy hearing the many customer ideas, we thought we should clarify how we came up with the name Turtle Wings with the following details:

We wanted a name that:

•Symbolized our commitment to the environment

Since we are a Maryland based company:

• We thought “Turtle Recycling”

However with a name like “Turtle Recycling”

• We were afraid people would think we are slow and would never get there

So, we decided to put WINGS on the turtle so;

• We could angelically swoop down and save the world from ‘e-waste’

Further Clarifications:

• Angelically – like an angel (think wings)
• E-waste – electronic waste (left over computers, etc.)

Turtle Wings is a woman-owned, Maryland based electronics recycler who is R2 and ISO certified. As a responsible electronics recycler, Turtle Wings believes in keeping e-waste out of landfills and we do our utmost to implement that. All of our recycling affiliates have been chosen based on their globally responsible recycling processes. We believe in globally responsible electronics recycling. We recycle computers, keyboards, laptops, printers, monitors, and any other type of electronic or metal device. Rather than throwing these items in the trash, recycle them with Turtle Wings. A complete listing of Acceptable Items is available on our website. We offer pick-up at both business and residential locations within DC, Maryland, Virginia and greater mid-Atlantic. We also accept mailed-in items or items delivered to our Capitol Heights, MD warehouse.