Author Elizabeth Wilmot

National Geographic E-waste Discussion

National Geographic E-Waste Discussion

National Geographic E-Waste Discussion – To anyone who hasn’t yet seen National Geographic’s most recent piece regarding green jobs and e-waste management.  Here at Turtle Wings, our driving force is to keep the harmful e-waste out of ALL landfills both here and abroad.

Turtle Wings provides computer recycling services throughout the MD/DC/VA area. We can pick-up and recycle all electronics and metal items. Our services are available to every organization, from government agencies and multi-national corporations to small businesses. Keeping e-waste out of landfills is our priority.

Once recycling is completed, we provide a Certificate of Recycling and Good Citizenship, so that all of your customers and employees will know that you have done your part in protecting the environment and preserving the earth. As the premier PC recycler in the mid-Atlantic, our Certificates are recognized as a commitment to sound environmental practices.

We feel that National Geographic has truly hit the nail on the head in explaining how responsible management of e-waste can be beneficial to both the economy and the environment!

Kudos from the Turtle Wings team!