Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Responsible Recycling Certification

R2 Solutions announced recently that 508 electronics recycling facilities located throughout the United States are now certified to the Responsible Recycling Certification, or (R2) standard, and more are in the pipeline.  The number is the latest milestone reached by the certification, which last summer was updated to the latest version of the standard, R2:2013. As an R2 certified electronics recycler, Turtle Wings is proud to have achieved this certification early on and be an exemplary model for certified electronics recycling. Turtle Wing’s responsible recycling certification means that we have an approved environmental, health and safety management system.

The R2 standard certifies that electronics recycling and refurbishing facilities conform to best practices in environmental health and worker safety, data security, and comply with all applicable laws.  The standard was originally developed in 2008 through a joint process convened by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and involving electronics recyclers and refurbishers, manufacturers, retailers, non-profit organizations, and other stakeholders.  The new R2:2013 version of the standard emphasizes repair and reuse, record keeping and reporting, environmental health and safety planning, data security, and other updates. 

Turtle Wing’s R2 certification means that we have an internationally approved environmental, health and safety management system verified annually by a third party auditor.  As a certified recycler with full downstream accountability, we undergo annual audits by a certification entity to ensure that electronics are processed in a manner that protects public health and the environment.   In addition, our R2 certification permits us to handle end-of-life electronics from federal agencies including electronics which were purchased with federal funds by government contractors.   Per the GSA regulation in March 2012, only R2 or eStewards certified recyclers can recycle electronics purchased with federal funding. 

Turtle Wings R2 certification is one of our many accomplishments which aligns us to successfully provide electronics recycling and on-site hard drive shredding services for a host of Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and government entities nationwide.