Author Elizabeth Wilmot

The true impact of not recycling old electronics

Gadgets can be incredibly useful and beneficial parts of our lives. They can connect us, inform us, tell us which way to go and entertain us. And even as they can sometimes lead us to live life virtually instead of being truly in the moment, they can also bring us closer to the world around us.  One of the biggest downsides of electronics is that their components are toxic to the environment, and to us, if they’re just thrown away and left to leach into the earth. The ideal situation would be that all of us use, repair and repurpose our electronics until we no longer can and then at that point, we recycle them responsibly with a compliant electronics recycler like Turtle Wings. Unfortunately, the statistics show that we don’t come close to that ideal situation and the true impact of not recycling old electronics is much worse than people know.

According to the EPA, only 27% of our e-waste is recycled annually while sales and consumption are drastically increasing.  This means our consumption of electronics keeps growing while we keep tossing our old models in the trash.  If we collectively did our part and Americans recycled their electronics, we can save energy and replenish our rare earth metals that are in limited supply. By reusing these metals, we can prevent further air and water pollution from the processes used to harvest the metals.

The good news is that electronics recycling and data destruction with Turtle Wings is easy.  We accept and recycle anything metal or electronic in full compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.  (See our list of Acceptable Items)  Recycling electronics with Turtle Wings benefits the environment and protects public health.  As an R2 certified electronics recycler, we have an internationally approved environmental, health and safety management system.  Turtle Wings processes are both certified and compliant because the true impact of not recycling old electronics is at the forefront of what we do.  With electronic recycling becoming increasingly crucial to the future of the planet, Turtle Wings is dedicated to creating green communities.