Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Turtle Wings gears up for Earth Day 2014

With Earth Day 2014 quickly approaching, Turtle Wings is preparing to make this year’s Earth Day celebration our best ever.  Our sales and management personnel have been busy coordinating and scheduling a variety of activities including electronics recycling events, Gaylord drop-offs, business and residential pick-ups, on-site data destruction projects, and customer drop-offs.  As Turtle Wings gears up for Earth Day 2014, we anticipate success for our variety of events and projects.

Earth Day 2014 will focus on green cities, mobilizing millions of people to create sustainable, healthy environments by greening communities worldwide.  Turtle Wings stands behind this pledge because we believe in doing our utmost to assist our customers in the proper disposal of their electronics and being globally responsible.  While some people celebrate Earth Day around the time of the March Equinox, the worldwide observance of Earth Day occurs each year on April 22.  Although the celebration is not yet considered a public holiday, Turtle Wings has been preparing year round and around the clock to make this year’s Earth Day projects and events flow smoothly for our customers.  Overall, Earth Day aims to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the earth’s environment.

By offering on-site data destruction via hard drive crushing at our events, Turtle Wings is able to tap into the data security market which many people and companies are adamant about.  Our highly effective, patent-protected, impactor pulverization machinery will destroy the hard drive platter rendering the data unrecoverable.  Our equipment bends, crushes and pierces the platter destroying it so it can no longer be spun hence the data is unrecoverable.  Turtle Wings then recycles the hard drive in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. 

Many people in the communities we serve look forward to Turtle Wings annual participation in their Earth Day electronics recycling and data destruction events because they know we are R2 certified and are a compliant recycler with a no e-waste landfill policy.  Recycling electronics with a certified electronics recycler like Turtle Wings is an easy way to help the environment.  As Turtle Wings gears up for Earth Day 2014, the excitement builds as well because we are committed to the businesses and residents in the communities we serve and reducing the nationwide environmental footprint.