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November 2, 2015 3:35 pm

A FOCUS ON ELECTRONICS FOR AMERICA RECYCLES DAY Data security & environmental liability growing concerns for businesses when choosing electronics brokers and recyclers   America Recycles Day, a Keep America Beautiful initiative  celebrated every November 15 and in the weeks leading up to the day, is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the U.S. ... View Article

New Turtle Wings Website

February 6, 2015 1:48 pm

Turtle Wings Inc., a premium electronics recycling and data destruction company, has launched our redesigned website at  With the completion of the full rebuild, Turtle Wings has added new and enhanced content, including a featured area for customer’s to contact us directly for sales inquiries and scheduling pick-ups.  The website has also been developed to feature a responsive design,... View Article

Top 10 Reasons to Recycle Electronics

July 10, 2012 10:40 am

Top 10 Reasons to Recycle Electronics There are multiple reasons you should think twice about putting your old computers and electronics in the trashcan when they are at the end of their useful lives.  Turtle Wings has outlined the top 10 reasons to recycle electronics properly. 1 – Computers contain many chemicals and materials that are hazardous to the environment.... View Article

Recycler Contributes to Making Clean Energy

May 10, 2012 1:16 pm

Recycler Contributes to Making Clean Energy WASHINGTON D.C, April 16, 2012 – Since the company’s inception, Turtle Wings has adopted a “no landfill” policy for e-waste.  The Maryland-based electronics recycler has found ways to reuse or recycle almost everything that comes into the warehouse.  However, there is always some discarded material that cannot be viably recycled.  Typically this happens with... View Article

Earth Day From A Recyclers Perspective

April 1, 2012 1:37 pm

Earth Day is Christmas for a recycler. Turtle Wings, an electronics recycler, discusses how Earth Day generates more business by making people think about the environment. Earth Day from a recyclers perspective.  Since its inception in the early 1970’s, Earth Day has served as an annual opportunity to promote environmental initiatives, collective activism, and generally “green” practices. Here at Turtle... View Article

NPR Talks to E-Waste Experts

April 18, 2011 7:01 pm

NPR Talks to E-Waste Experts Every year in April when Earth Day approaches, there is a heightened awareness of all things “green.” Kojo Nnamdi, the celebrated NPR personality, hosted a panel of experts this week to explore “The Afterlife of Your Electronics” on his Tech Tuesday show. Elizabeth Wilmot, founder of Turtle Wings Electronics Recycling was interviewed along with Walter... View Article

Turtle Wings Featured on Kojo Namdi Show

April 13, 2011 7:02 pm

Turtle Wings Featured on Kojo Namdi Show Turtle Wings Founder and President Elizabeth Wilmot was recently featured on a segment of the Kojo Nnamdi Show called “The Afterlife of Your Electronics.” Elizabeth was joined by Walter Alcorn of the Consumer Electronics Association,  Ishmail Oyekan of the Electronic Waste Journal, and Sarah Westervelt of the Basel Action Network. Please click here... View Article

Shredding Shredding Everywhere

October 20, 2010 7:12 pm

Turtle Wings/Data Killers is now nationwide with three new locations in Chicago, Sacramento and Dallas in addition to the Washington D.C. headquarters. Each location has full mobile shredding services which can shred a variety of items including hard drives, tapes, products, equipment and military gear. “Our new mobile shredding trucks each contain powerful four-shaft shredders with several screen sizes to... View Article