Electronics Recycling – BALTIMORE

Electronics Recycling – Baltimore
Call us today to schedule a pickup for all your unwanted electronics for recycling. We pick up and recycle electronics in Baltimore. We also pick up & recycler monitors, computers, and any type of metal or electronic device. We can provide regularly scheduled pickups or a one-time service for computer disposal. We service large multi-national corporations as well as small offices for electronics recycling. Our friendly, courteous staff will come right to your office and quickly and efficiently remove your electronics for recycling. We believe in keeping components out of landfills and we pledge to do our utmost to implement that. Recycling electronics is all done domestically so that no hazardous material is exported.

Audit Process for Electronics Recycling – Baltimore
Serial numbers can be captured
and recorded as required by the customer to provide a complete audit trail for monitor recycling. As an ISO certified electronics recycler, we can document all stages of our recycling process to provide you with complete compliance information. Our domestic process to recycle electronics includes asset tag removal and full compliance with all applicable local, state and federal regulations.

Certificate of Electronics Recycling and Good Citizenship
We will issue you a Certificate of Electronics Recycling and Good Citizenship so that all your customers and employees will know that you care about the environment and have done your part in preserving the earth. Join the list of globally responsible citizens, corporations and agencies. Recycling electronics can easily become the cornerstone of a larger Green Initiative.

Service Area
We can provide regularly scheduled pick-ups or a one time service for recycling electronics in Baltimore and all other mid-Atlantic locations.