Turtle Wings is a certified recycler that offers government pick-up service for PC equipment, electronics and other metal items. With our nationwide headquarters in close proximity to Washington DC, we can provide a onetime pickup or regularly scheduled pickups for government offices located in northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. We also offer nationwide government pickup service for larger quantities of electronics and nationwide data destruction and product destruction services. Getting rid of old computers and equipment does not have to lead to pollution or e-waste.

Our friendly, courteous staff will come quickly and efficiently remove your excess electronics. Serial numbers can be captured and recorded as required by the customer to provide a complete audit trail. Our domestic computer recycling program includes asset tag removal and full compliance with all regulations. At the close of the project, we issue a Certificate of Recycling and Good Citizenship that shows compliance and helps with inventory management.

In March 2012, the GSA announced that only certified e-waste recyclers may handle end-of-life electronics from federal agencies including electronics which were bought with federal funds by government contractors.  Electronics purchased with federal funds may not be disposed of through an un-certified recycler nor through landfill nor incineration.   The only certifications that the GSA recognizes for electronics recyclers are eStewards and  R2.  Federal contractors who use federal funds to purchase electronic equipment (laptops, computers, cell phones, copiers, etc.) will need to follow these regulations in order to be in compliance with Federal Management Regulation, at 41 C.F.R. Part 102; which prescribes policies concerning federal property management and related administrative activities.

According to the GSA:  “The policy incorporates the use of recyclers certified under R2 and e-Stewards because these third-party standards have already been adopted by the electronics recycling industry as environmentally sound. A recycler must be certified to at least one of the two standards.” As a certified recycler, Turtle Wings is authorized to handle electronics recycling for government agencies and contractors nationwide. Recycling electronics with Turtle Wings can easily become the cornerstone of a larger Green Initiative.