Our Services

Asset Management

Turtle Wings provides complete inventory services and asset management services in addition to recycling computers and other electronics. Not only can we help you keep track of items for recycling but we can also do yearly inventory assessments.

We can record serial numbers as required by the customer to provide a complete audit trail of your inventory. Detailed reports are from our state-of-the-art scanning system which correlate serial numbers, asset tags, manufacturers, model numbers and all other tracking information as needed. Our inventory service helps companies and agencies stay compliant.  Our advanced scanning equipment can be preloaded with tracking information so that all recorded pieces are accounted for and new pieces are properly categorized.  These services are available on an enterprise wide basis  across the continental U.S.

Our customers include large corporations and government pornxxxfuck.netagencies who must comply with internal regulations and shareholder concerns.  Audit trails of inventory assure stakeholders that internal safeguards and regulations are being properly applied and adhered to throughout the organization.  Internal mandates for asset tracking can be an overwhelming task when done internally with resources that are already stretched and thin.  Turtle Wings employees armed with state-of-the-art scanning and computer systems can accomplish this task swiftly and reliably.  All employees have been thoroughly screened, background checked and verified through the government E-Verify system, assuring that they are American citizens.

While performing our inventory and asset management services, excess equipment can be palletized and removed from your premises for certified electronics recycling and data destruction Data destruction services can be performed on-site in conjunction with inventory and asset management services or taken off-site to one of our facilities.  Data destruction services are in full compliance with all HIPAA, SoX, NIST, DoD, GLB and PCI standards for data destruction.  We offer shred sizes as small as 2 mm.