Computer Recycling

Turtle Wings provides computer recycling services throughout the MD/DC/VA area. We can pick-up and recycle all electronics and metal items. Our services are available to every organization, from government agencies and multi-national corporations to small businesses. Keeping e-waste out of landfills is our priority.

Serial numbers can be recorded as required, providing a complete audit trail for computer hard drive disposal. As an ISO certified company, we can document all stages of the computer recycling process, providing you with a complete record for compliance purposes. Our PC recycling program includes asset tag removal and is in full compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.

Turtle Wings is a certified e-waste recycler. These certifications mean that Turtle Wings has an internationally approved environmental, health and safety management system. This system has been verified by a third party auditor.  As a certified recycler, we have annual audits by a certification entity to ensure that all electronics are processed in a manner that protects both public health and the environment.  We have full downstream accountability.   Our downstream recycling affiliates have all been thoroughly vetted and approved so that we can trace each piece and component to its ultimate recycling destination.   All of our recycling affiliates have been chosen based on their globally responsible recycling processes.  Turtle Wings is a globally responsible recycler and we hold all of our affiliates to our same high standards.

We offer complete data destruction services, including hard drive degaussing, shredding, and destruction of classified material.

Once recycling is completed, we provide a Certificate of Recycling and Good Citizenship, so that all of your customers and employees will know that you have done your part in protecting the environment and preserving the earth. As the premier PC recycler in the mid-Atlantic, our Certificates are recognized as a commitment to sound environmental practices.