Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Earth Day From A Recyclers Perspective

Earth Day is Christmas for a recycler. Turtle Wings, an electronics recycler, discusses how Earth Day generates more business by making people think about the environment.

Earth Day from a recyclers perspective.  Since its inception in the early 1970’s, Earth Day has served as an annual opportunity to promote environmental initiatives, collective activism, and generally “green” practices. Here at Turtle Wings Electronics Recycling, Earth Day brings with it some mixed emotions about how we as a society deal with the environment.

“Earth Day to a recycler is like Christmas to a retailer. Everyone wants to buy presents at Christmas and everyone wants to recycle electronics on Earth Day,” said Tiana Bady, sales administrator.

“Like a retailer at Christmas, we need to gear up for this ‘holiday’ by hiring more people, ordering more supplies and being sure that all of our processes are like clockwork,” added Dejuan Hawkins, warehouse supervisor.

“On the one hand, we are always happy to see individuals, corporations and government entities dispose of used electronics in a responsible manner with a certified recycler. On the other hand, it also brings up an interesting question: What is really happening to e-waste during all the other seasons? Why does it take the reminder of a national holiday to get companies and government offices to pick up the phone and deal with their e-waste responsibly? Ideally, our company would see equal amounts of service requests throughout the year,” added Elizabeth Wilmot, founder and President of Turtle Wings / Data Killers.

“We do a lot of private and public collection events in April in celebration of Earth Day. As a company which prides itself on being able to promote environmentally conscious practices, it brings us joy to know that people are aware of our services and choose to be accountable with how they discard their e-waste,” added Ms. Bady.

“Although we are grateful for the business that we receive around this time of year, we hope that in the coming years, we will see much smaller fluctuations in our service requests, which will indicate a more constant conscious commitment to the environment by everyone,” said Ms. Wilmot. “LEED certification has helped make this a more year-round topic and the recent edict from the GSA about electronics recycling with certified recyclers will also help.”

Turtle Wings was founded in 2005 at a kitchen table with nothing more than a staff of two. It has evolved into a nationwide company, providing on-site data destruction services under the Data Killers trade name.

Turtle Wings & Data Killers are headquartered in Maryland on the Washington DC border with satellite offices across the U.S. The company is certified by ISO; WBENC; DLIS; and HUBZone and holds two GSA contracts for environmental services and data destruction.

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