Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Featured in Washington Post Magazine

Elizabeth Wilmot’s parents, like many from the “Greatest Generation,” never let anything go to waste: They saved string and wrapping paper and purchased used cars. So perhaps it’s not surprising that Elizabeth, a former international marketing executive, would establish a company dedicated to recycling electronics.

As senior vice president of international marketing for CitiFinancial, Elizabeth had traveled the world and had seen some of the huge used-electronics dumps that have been created in nations such as India.

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Turtle Wings is a small, woman-owned business (MD MBE/DBE certified and SBA certified; HUB zone certified) that will come to any office and pick up and recycle all electronics. We are certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport military critical technical data. We pick up and recycle all computers, monitors, printers, copiers, mainframes, telecom equipment, hubs, stereos, cell phones, keyboards, and misc. electronics regardless of their condition. All materials collected will be recycled either by refurbishing or by our closed loop recycling process which complies with all applicable local, state and federal regulations. Our closed loop recycling process is as follows: All material is broken down to their individual material levels (metal, wire, plastic, etc.) and collected in Gaylord boxes for shipment to a re-processor. Monitors are processed with glass to glass recycling techniques.


Turtle Wings has a no e-waste landfill policy; strict export controls; and complete pollution insurance coverage. Turtle Wings demands that the raw materials recovered be used in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Turtle Wings has been endorsed by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the U.S. Green Building Council. We have held the federal government contract for shredding media since 2007 – GSA # GS-25F0019T and have since been awarded a second contract # GS-10F0134V for electronics recycling and additional destruction services.


We are R2 certified and the federal government mandates that only certified recyclers are allowed to recycle government electronics and media devices that contain circuit boards. This includes PC’s; printers; copiers; routers; modems; phones; hard drives etc.