Author Elizabeth Wilmot


Turtle Wings Electronics Recycling service has been awarded a second GSA contract for environmental services which includes electronics recycling. Turtle Wings / Data Killers is the only electronics recycler in the country to hold two GSA contracts and to be certified by the Defense Logistics Information Services to store and transport military critical data. 

“We have already completed a task order under this new contract,” added Elizabeth Wilmot, President of the company.  “Turtle Wings is different from a lot of other recyclers because of the high standards that we maintain in terms of domestic recycling and absolute accountability.  Having personally seen landfills in India which were full of obsolete computers, I vowed that Turtle Wings would be a globally responsible company. We are a woman-owned company and are committed to preserving the earth for our children and all future generations.”

“Customers trust our services and rely on us to help them recycle responsibly.  I recently spoke at a NOVA NPMA event along with representatives from the EPA. The EPA presentation clearly outlined the liabilities for a ‘generator’ of electronic waste who did not choose a legitimate recycler. The threshold for being considered a ‘generator’ was consistent with the volumes generated by a small office. The increased enforcements have driven a lot of new customers to us because they feel secure with our detailed policies and procedures and our audit trail,” added Ms. Wilmot.

“We have held the GSA contract for shredding media for over two years.  We are one of the few companies that truly understands the laws, rules and regulations governing media destruction from sensitive corporate information to classified government information. We have the NSA-approved equipment for all types of media destruction including full on-site capabilities,” added Zack Boorstein, VP of Sales. “The protocols for destruction differ depending on the classification of the data and we walk all of our clients through this.”

Following the tradition of innovative services, Data Killers has been added as a resource to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission’s list of destruction companies. Data Killers is a trade name for the company. “The difference between us and a lot of other product destruction companies is our strict adherence to our no-landfill policies and our level of environmental stewardship.  We can properly dispose of any type of material and certify its complete destruction while maintaining our commitment to the earth.  We assist businesses and government agencies in destroying unwanted, recalled, out-of-spec or confiscated property,” added Ms. Wilmot.